The Royal Ballet of Cambodia / 2019 Season

The Royal Ballet of Cambodia / 2019 Season


For those who didn’t get to marvel at the legendary dancers on their European Tour last May 2018, do save the dates! 


After a successful tour in France and in Europe, and to the long standing ovations the Royal Ballet dancers received from the public, All Dreams Cambodia is proud to present the January 2019 performances of the Royal Ballet of Cambodia which has been closely associated with the Khmer Court for over one thousand years. This sacred ancient art was inscribed in the UNESCO List of Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2008.


Owing to Her Royal Highness Princess NORODOM Buppha Devi’s tireless efforts, this precious Khmer Classical Dance is now returning back on Cambodian stage in January 2019 with two exceptional performances, as it will unveil the Story of Neang Watthana Devi in paying tribute to the great French sculptor Auguste Rodin who compared this Khmer classical form of arts to Greek art, and which story is inspired by the Greek Legend of Psyche:


Neang Watthana Devi is a young woman of pure and perfect beauty. She then arouses the jealousy of the goddess Raki who orders the God Samidha to shoot her an arrow so that she falls in love with the King of Garuda Sambali. Watthana Devi will then experience many adventures where she will have to face many traps, and to finally fall in love with God Samidha 




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