<br> URGENT Annoucement from Cambodian Ministry of Health<br/>

URGENT Annoucement from Cambodian Ministry of Health



URGENT Announcement from Cambodian Ministry of Health

2019-nCoV / Coronavirus Update:  Emergency Ad-hoc measures taken dd. March-14th 2020

Barring Visitors & Travelers coming from 5 countries to entering Cambodia during 30 days



Updated 14-March-2020


According to a Directive from the Cambodian Ministry of Health issued Saturday March-14th 2020, and due to the current situation with the spreading and outbreak of Covid-19 and in line with the WHO/World Health Organization announcement Number 52 dd. March-12 2020 concerning the prevention and measures to stopping the spreading and bringing the Covid-19 virus into Cambodia, therefore, the Cambodian Ministry of Health has decided to bar entry into Cambodia for ALL VISITORS and TRAVELERS - and not only citizens - coming from the following 5 countries, namely ITALY, GERMANY, SPAIN, FRANCE AND THE UNITED STATES for a period of 30 days, effective from Tuesday March-17th, 2020 at 12:00AM onward. This will be occurring on Monday 16th March at 11:59pm at night.


We are continuing to monitoring the situation and the evolution of the Covid-19 spreading and outbreak in Cambodia, be it in term of Health and Security for our guests in-country and planning to come to Cambodia, as well as in term of Travel restrictions into and out of Cambodia.


We are encouraging all our guests, partner agencies having plans to visit Cambodia in the following days, weeks and months to postpone your travel and to contact us as quickly as possible.


We regret all the inconvenience caused.


All Dreams Cambodia Team members



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